Friday, March 30, 2012

Fine Art Adoption Network

Fine Art Adoption Network
FAAN is an online network, which uses a gift economy to connect artists and potential collectors. All of the artworks on view are available for adoption. This means acquiring an artwork without purchasing it, through an arrangement between the artist and collector. Our goal is to help increase and diversify the population of art owners and to offer artists new means for engaging their audience.
Chattanooga, TN


Monday, March 26, 2012


"Really, what these dingbats need is a smack upside the head. Either they actually meant some criminal mischief, or they're idiots." 

Declared by Kyle Swenson from the Cleveland Scene Magazine on Tue, March sixth, two-thousand and twelve.

Awesome circle typeface

52 Sphereoids

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magic and Art

Maybe I am wrong, but this article (POOF! You're a Frog!) seems to be an excellent basis/instructional text on how to paint.  The article starts off by stating:
Words that constituted incantations were extremely important to the magicians of olde. It was the base of the magician’s power in getting spiritual forces to carry out his bidding. Armed with the special power of the right words, this special knowledge gave the magician unlimited power.
Sure, the magician uses more "literal" of a language than the painter, but painting is a language in it's own right.  
As all words used by a magician focused magical power there were several stipulations when choosing the correct words: 
  • The “sound” of the word had to capture and encapsulate the type of magic performed.
  • When logging magical words into a personal grimoire, it was thought to be best to encode the words by writing them backwards.
  • A word used too often was believed to lose its potency and power.
  • Words used by other magicians were avoided as only personal words created a magician were powerful to that magician.
  • Words had to be used in the appropriate manner such as singing, chanting, shouting, whispering or simply spoken vehemently.

I know that after reading this list I see connections, but maybe this is delusional. Any opinions?
From my on-going series, Dingbats on Walls
8x10 Print
Eye of the Observer #1